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Taking advantage of Kołobrzeg’s therapeutic qualities (its microclimate, brine springs and peloid deposits) we have developed a broad range of procedures that will help you regain your health, boosting your vitality and your will to live at the same time.

The rehabilitation and biological regeneration facilities are equipped with professional medical instruments. Thanks to that we have been assisting in the treatment of respiratory tract, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases for years. However, we specialize in musculoskeletal system disorders, and rheumatic diseases.

Below is a list accompanied by short descriptions of the procedures offered.

Peloid wraps and small baths

The therapeutic properties of peloids have already been used in Poland since the mid-19th century. This specific type of peat is used in musculoskeletal system conditions, as well as following musculoskeletal procedures and surgeries as a means to speed up healing. It is also recommended in the treatment of gynecological diseases, such as chronic cystitis. The procedure consists in wrapping specific parts of the body in peloid heated up to 45 centigrade.

Hydro massage

This procedure is performed in a special bathtub. The patient is subjected to a water stream at a relevant pressure. Hydro massage is applied in the bone and joint system and the muscular system pathologies, obesity, neurosis and neurological diseases.

Classic massage (not included in the package, additional fee required)

A procedure that does not only affect the patient’s musculoskeletal system, but also their mind. It revives your skin’s smoothness and elasticity and brings peace and relaxation to the patient, helping them achieve the harmony between their body and mind.

Lymph drainage massage

A special procedure applied in lymphatic insufficiency and swelling of extremities, as well as for venous insufficiency prevention. It is very effective in fighting excess weight and cellulite, too.

Dry CO2 bath

Carbon dioxide is a gas that causes blood vessels in the skin to widen. It is used in the treatment of stage I and II hypertension, atherosclerotic and inflammatory narrowing of blood vessels in the lower extremities, diabetes, as well as tachycardia, neurosis or convalescence.

Magnetic therapy

A procedure in which alternating magnetic field is used. It is applied in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system degeneration and inflammations, osteoporosis, burns, ulceration, hemiplegia, peripheral circulation disorders and sinusitis.


Treatment with the use of low temperature has a salutary influence on the whole body. It is applied in the degenerative joint disease, rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, swellings, obesity and cellulite.

Feet massage

Feet reflexology is very effective form of healing feet massage. There are thousants of nerves connected to the different organs all over the body on the feet. The feet massage makes better the blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, stimulates regeneration of the cells and relaxes.


A procedure which makes use of impulse and constant current brought to specific parts of the body through leads. Especially recommended in neuralgia, peripheral circulation disorders, pain caused by degenerative lesions, and some neurological conditions.


Inhalations have been used to help patients suffering from throat, lung and bronchial diseases for a long time. An aerosol, made of natural brine at a maximum concentration of 3%, penetrates deep into the respiratory tract moisturizing it and causing it to relax, which in turn makes it easier to cough up retained pulmonary secretions.


A thermotherapy procedure in the treatment of some musculoskeletal system and neurological conditions, or obesity. It also improves the state of your skin by opening its pores and cleaning them out. Moreover, it toughens up the body and causes it to relax.